Synonyms of Motivation that Enhance Your Life

How you tie your shoes and which shoe you put on first, tomorrow morning specify this. Now, by tying your laces in a different way and putting on the other shoe first, consciously determine that you are going to flesh out a new habit for the next 21 days.

Now, let this simple act, each morning, function as a reminder to change other habitual ways of acting, feeling and  reasoning, as you resolve to slip into your shoes in a certain  manner, throughout that same day. Assert to yourself as you  fasten your shoes, “I am beginning the day in a new and healthier way.” Then,  consciously determine that throughout the day:

(1) I will reject completely and close my mind to all those disheartening and negative “facts” which I can do zilch to change.|I will  close my mind and ignore completely all those pessimistic and negative “facts” which I can do naught to alter.|All those  disheartening and negative “facts” which I can do diddly-squat to  modify, I will close my mind and ignore completely.}

(2)  Regardless of what happens, I will act as calmly and as intelligently as possible.

(3)  Within the next twenty-four hour period, at least three times, I propose to practice smiling.

(4) I will not permit my own opinion to change facts in a pessimistic or negative way.

(5)  Insofar as possible, I am going to behave as if success were inescapable, and I already  am the sort of personality I wish to be. I will rehearse “acting like” and “feeling like” this  new personality.

(6) A  little more forgiving and a little less critical and of other people,  their failings, mistakes and stupidity, is what I am going to be.

Whatever peoples actions be, the best  possible interpretation is what I’ll award.

(7) I will try to feel and act friendlier toward other  people.

(8) As buoyant as I can possibly be is my new promise.

Uncomplicated? It is simple. But each of the above usual ways of acting, feeling,  thinking does have beneficial and constructive impact on your self-image. Let 21 days be the time frame to practise these actions. See if worry, guilt, and aggression have not been diminished, and if confidence has not been  magnified, after you “Go through” them.


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